E-DrAssist provides exclusive call answering services via telephone operators to all physicians, clinics & hospitals for on and off hours 24/7. Trained E-DrAssist staff will redirect calls to respective lines, take messages, schedule appointments and notify for emergencies at all times. All communications will be recorded and stored in our cloud based storage which can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

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Call Answering services


Scheduling is an integral part of a physician's practice. Whether it is private practice, working with a hospital or an emergency centre, physicians need to schedule between multiple medical offices, hospitals and clinics all the time.

This service includes:

  • Managing patient schedules
  • Setting appointment dates to be booked online or via phone by prospective patients
  • Web based access to the tool which can be used from multiple channels and multiple locations
  • Easily input weekly & monthly schedules.
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Our marketing tools & loyalty features ensure that you reach thousands of prospective patients every month and build your relationship such that they not only just come to you, but bring their family and friends to you. We have multiple channels through which you can communicate and connect with existing and prospective patients.

Marketing tools include:

  • Email blasts
  • SEO
  • SMS reminders
  • SMS alerts
  • Greeting emails
  • Website designing
  • Flyers & brochures
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